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Frequently asked questions


What type of Miners are supported by Steiger Software?

The Steiger Software supports a variety of the most frequently used miner types. We constantly extend the list with new models, too.

Using a miner type we don’t support yet? Don’t hesitate to contact our support!

Unit types supported:

  • Antminer
    • S9
    • S9i
    • S9j
    • L3+
    • T9
  • Avalon (all models)
  • Baikal
    • Giant-B
  • Ebit
    • E9
    • E9+
  • GMO
    • B3
  • GPU (coming soon)
  • Innosilicon
    •  T2TZ
    • A5+
    • A6

My ASIC miner is not supported. What do I do?

If there is an ASIC miner type missing in Steiger you can simply contact us via [email protected] We will then support you and add the missing type as fast as possible.

Is there an option to whitelabel Steiger?

Yes. There will however always be a small copyright information “powered by Steiger”.

Does Steiger support roles and right management?

Yes. Steiger has a full role and rights management system.


Does Steiger install any soft ware directly onto my miner machines?

No. Steiger will not install any soft ware directly onto your machines. Steiger is using the small device called “Kumpel” which is connected to your network to communicate with your units.

Can I use my own mining soft ware with Steiger?

Yes but you need to give us the ability to implementits api/control structure to properly collect information and set configurations.

Is it possible to import data from my existi ng farm to Steiger?

Yes it is possible to import existi ng data. Please contact us to clearify if your data formats meet our requirements and further steps for the import process.

What are the system requirements?

Steiger can either be set up on a Raspberry Pi or a Windows/Linux server with atleast a 2 GHZ processor, 2 GB of ram and approx. 100 MB of free harddrive space*. The Kumpel than has to be connected to the same network your miners are running in.

Do I have to use Eisen for my setup process?

Eisen is not a mandatory tool to use the Steiger Software Suite. We do however recommend using it since time and cost savings are substantial using Eisen for your setup. If you do not want to use it you can download our daemon in the download area.

Is labeling required?

Labeling your units is not required. Based on our own experience as a mining company we  still strongly recommend it if you plan to grow your business.

What labeling printers are supported?

Currently we support the following labeling printers:

  • Brother P-touch CUBE Plus
  • more coming soon!

What is Steiger OS?

The mobile app is designed for people working directly on site. The app provides features like:

• Show the list of your miners, starti ng with the ones who are offline or have issues

• Adding new miner machines to Steiger

• Scan QR-codes on your machines and att ach them to locations in your farm

• Ticketing system

• Time tracking

What is Steiger OS?

SteigerOS is our self-developed operation-system for GPU-miners. It has a small file size (~500mb including the latest AMD and Nvidia drivers) All mining applications run inside a docker-container for enhanced security and flexibility. Currenly SteigerOS is in an alpha phase. The public release is planned for end of October 2019, but customers are welcome to join the alpha-test phase.


Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored in France / Europe. This also means that the security level is based on the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR. If you want to learn more about the GDPR follow this link: https://gdpr-info.eu

Is 2FA supported?

Yes you can connect your Google Authenticator with Steiger to restrict sensitive actions like change a pool or restart all miners etc.

How is the connection to the Kumpel secured?

To secure the connection between our backend and the Kumpel in your facility as much as possible we use a secure socket connection. All data that is going in or out is strictly defined. Furthermore you are able to close any connection coming from outside and trying to communicate with the Kumpel. You first have to unlock the communication via 2FA before it is possible to send commands to the Kumpel again.

Pricing and billing

Is Steiger charging any fees?

Steiger is free to use up to 3 mining machines. After you add a fourth machine and you want it to have premium status aswell you have to pay for it. The priceing structure can be found here: https://steiger.app/pricing

Is there a free plan?

Yes you can run Steiger for free. You will be allowed to use the following features as a free user:

• Dashboard

• Data of the last 24 h (only updated once per hour)

• Miner Detail view (e.g. temperature, hashrate etc.)

Can I cancel my subscripti on?

You can cancel your subscription every month individualy. For example if you run 100 machines you can cancel 20 of them this month and the rest next month.

Will i get an offi cial invoice?

Yes. Our company is based in germany and you will get an official invoice according to european standards.

How many user accounts are included?

Currently there is no limitation on user-accounts.

What payment methods are offered?

Currently we are supporting PayPal. Visa / Mastercard and Crypto payment will be available soon.

What happens if i am not able to pay my open bill?

If you are not able to pay your open invoice your miners will lose their premium status. Your miners
however will not stop working and you will not lose your income.

Do I keep my mining income?

Yes you will keep all of your mining refenues. Steiger is payed seperatly.

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