Get more efficient today!


A comprehensive Dashboard puts you in control

See all important parameters at one place

Filter periods to see performance over time

Identify your most efficient units and algorithms

Agency System

Integrated solution for colocation providers

Manage multiple clients in one, comprehensive system

Full ticketing system with user & system tickets

Timetracking system to make invoicing customers easier

Miner Management

List all your machines at one place

Filter by status, temperature, fan-speed and more

Save a lot of time with the bulk action feature

Search for particular units

Mobile App

Mobile app for work on- and off-site

Filter for faulty units and display them

Connect to ``Eisen`` to decrease setup time of new units significantly

Restart your units manualy via app

Get more efficient today!

Eisen - Setup Assistant

Use our setup assistant to reduce setup time of new machines up to 90 %

All settings like pool, ip etc. are automatically sent to your units by Eisen during setup process

Easy connection to Steiger mobile app via bluetooth

Labeling function if combined with one of the supported portable printers

See all supported printer models

  • Brother P-touch CUBE Plus
  • more coming soon!

Detail view

View unit specific information like hashingboard status, temperature and fan-speed

Review comments of your colleagues and see unit specifiy errors

Connect to ``Eisen`` to decrease setup time of new units significantly

Use unit specific settings to test new firmware versions or try a/b testing

Pool Management

Manage your pools in one place

Update poolsettings on all units with only one click

Add and remove pools and algorithms at any time

Define individual pool settings and miner names

Alerting system

Never miss a faulty miner again

Get push notifications on your phone via Steiger mobile app or browser push

Disable notificaions if desired

Inventory & Grid view

The location of each of your machines at your fingertips

Locate faulty miners in no time

Easy, QR code based recording of the locations of your miners

Fully configurable rack, tower or shelve setup


Define groups to test different settings

Use groups to roll out different pools on your miners

Reduce risk by testing only small unit amounts before roll out

Get more efficient today!