Leading miner management software

Steiger is the all in one miner management solution helping miners by simplifying their daily maintenance tasks.

How Steiger will help your

See all helpful statistics, your best performing machines and algorithms at one place.

Update your machines, restart them or change the mining-pool on all units with one click.

Mobile app specificaly designed to simplify taskes and locate broken units on site in no time .

Drastically reduce the setup and configuration time of new units by 90 %.

Decrease setup time drasticly

Our self developed device ``Eisen`` is a small piece of hardware with a big impact. It can be used to record your machines into the Steiger Miner Management suite before you even put them on the shelves. This not only reduces the setup time by up to 90%, it also reduces the time-to-mine to practically zero. Once the miner is on the shelf, it starts hashing for you right away! Watch our product trailer to witness the power of Eisen.

Mobile ready

Steiger features a mobile app to make your operation even more efficient. The app is specifically designed for people working on site. Tag your machines with a location to find faulty units quickly, have an overview over units with issues and record units into Steiger easily. No unnecessary features. Just what your need to increase your efficiency maintaining your miners.

Get more efficient today!